Robin Hood Spins Gold

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 <image source="image1">
</image> <title source="title1"/> </infobox> Robin Hood Spins Gold is a book in the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Greedy Prince John calls for a new tax, even though he has already taken all of the poor people's money. Robin Hood and Little John disguise themselves and go to town. His identity concealed, Robin tells the Sheriff of Nottingham that Robin Hood plans to rob the prince again. The sheriff takes him to the castle so he can tell the prince himself. He tells the prince, but also says he knows a way the prince can outwit Robin Hood. He offers to bring his "daughter" to the castle to spin the prince's gold into straw so it won't be stolen, then leave her spinning wheel so the prince can spin it back to gold later. Sir Hiss suspects it is a trick, but the prince won't listen. Robin brings Little John in disguise into the counting room. They send all the gold out the window to Friar Tuck, waiting below in a boat in the moat, and replace it with straw. Then they leave, meet up with the friar, and give the gold to the poor people. Prince John tries to spin his straw back into gold, but realizes he has been tricked again.

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