Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow

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 <image source="image1">
</image> <title source="title1"/> </infobox> Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow is a book in the Disney's Wonderful World of Reading series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Friar Tuck tells Robin Hood and Little John that Prince John is holding an archery contest, and that Maid Marian will present the winner with a golden arrow. Since they are wanted outlaws, Robin disguises himself as a stork and Little John dresses as a nobleman. They fool the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin enters the tournament. When the stork wins, John deduces it must be Robin Hood and orders his guards to capture him, but Little John convinces the prince to let him go. Robin grabs Marian and Lady Kluck and runs to the safety of Sherwood Forest.

Read-Along[edit | edit source]