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Sis is a character in the 1973 animated Disney film Robin Hood. She was voiced by Dana Laurita.

About Sis[edit | edit source]

She is a young rabbit, the sister of Skippy and Tagalong. She has a little crush on Robin Hood. She wears a long red dress with pink bloomers, and her ears are tied with a large pink hair bow.

She is angry when the Sheriff of Nottingham steals Skippy's birthday present, but cheers up with Robin Hood gives him a bow and arrow and his hat, teasing him about it being too big. She, Tagalong, and their friend Toby accompany Skippy to test his new bow and arrow. She warns him that he is shooting the bow too high, then watches as he shoots the arrow into Prince John's courtyard. When Maid Marian invites them in, Sis says she is very nice and encourages Toby and Tagalong to come.

She attends the archery tournament and cheers for the competitors. She also attends the impromptu party where Little John sings "The Phony King of England". She is imprisoned with the rest of her family for not paying taxes, and later escapes along with them, ducking and jumping to dodge arrows. She watches the newlywed Robin Hood and Maid Marian ride off, and catches Marian's bouquet.

Once upon a Time in Wonderland[edit | edit source]